Tommy Hindman Knoxville Attorney-Opening Your Speech

Tommy Hindman on Introducing a speaker
Tommy Hindman on Introducing a Speaker

Tommy Hindman Knoxville Attorney on the art of: Opening Your Speech

Hello, I’m Tommy Hindman, an attorney in Knoxvile, TN. From time to time you may be asked to say a few words at an occasion. Here are a few ways to open your remarks after being introduced:

Intro #1:I fully appreciate that at this hour, after the entertaining addresses we have listened to, it would be an imposition to hold your attention for all but the briefest time.

Intro #1:
It is difficult to express my appreciation of the honor which has been conferred on me by inviting me to address this gathering.

Intro #3:
I consider it a very great honor to be asked to occupy the platform for the next few minutes.

Intro #4:
I appreciate very much this opportunity to address you men an women, and I am deeply grateful for the confidence and for the honor of speaking to you for the next few minutes on the subject of (insert subject here)

Intro #5:
Thank You. Now, if you will permit me, I am going to be using these notes, not to encourage the expansion of my remarks, but instead to use them as an anchor to keep me nailed down to a short period of time.

Print these out, commit them to memory, and you should be ready to take the podium for any speech and introduce yourself and any subject matter. Remember, most people will form their opinion of you within the first thirty seconds, so committing these to memory will help you make a great first impression, grab the audience’s attention, and get your speech off to a great start.

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