Tommy Hindman on Introducing Clergy

Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN
Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN

Tommy Hindman tells you how to introduce a man of the cloth.

Many people are at a loss for words when introducing Clergy. Here is a quick guide to help you out when introducing men of the cloth. The occasion may be a birth, a funeral, a tribute to a local hero, the giving of an award, a prayer breakfast, a lodge meeting,  or a ceremony of religious import. With these short introductions in your pocket, you will never be at a loss of words when asked to do the honors of bringing a person of the cloth up to the podium. First, here is a quick guide to the proper titles used for clergy of many faiths. First, here is  a list of how to address various clergy of different faiths:

“The Reverend Father

“Monsignor Hogan”

Protestant Clergyman
“Mr. Kirk”

(if D.D. or LL.D.)
“Dr. Kirk”

(if Lutheran)
“Pastor Kirk”

“Rabbi Lane”

(if D.D. or LL.D.)
“Dr. Lane”

Examples of Some Complimentary Remarks For Clergy:

He is a man of science, learning and skill. His profound
knowledge and experience have won for him
widespread recognition in his profession. Like many men
of accomplishment, he is unaffected and unassuming.
He is a fine leader of his flock and he is considered a fine counselor
and giver of advice.

He has performed his official duties with unswerving
integrity and fearless determination. His forthright, frank
and honest attitude in relation to public matters stamps
him as being destined for higher office and responsibilities.

He gives lavishly of his time and effort. His sincerity
and integrity have earned him the respect and admiration
of all of us.

We are aware that many men who attain high positions
continually grow in stature. From the very beginning
the career of our next speaker has been one of growth and a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney

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