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Attorney Tommy Hindman on Delivering a Euology

Attorney Tommy Hindman on The Euology

Tommy Hindman Knoxville Attorney
Tommy Hindman, an Attorney in Knoxville, TN

Hello, I am Attorney Tommy Hindman. When a friend, loved one or business associate passes away you may be asked to say a few words in honor of the deceased. In situations like this one may be difficult to come up with the words to express grief. The following examples can be used as a starting point for your eulogy.

Example 1
He was a man in the very best sense of that meaningful term. Those who knew him loved him; the better they knew him the more they loved him. He possessed great personal charm; men were drawn to him irresistibly. John
Doe now rests in peace, but his noble
spirit remains to comfort us. He is deep in our hearts,
and will continue there, warmly, as long as there is life within us. His sterling qualities and his great works live on.

Example 2
In the passing of John Doe I have lost a great and good
friend, whose encouragement, counsel and wisdom have
meant so much to me over the years. The cause of charity
has lost a leader who gave unstintingly of his labor and
his time. We shall all miss him. His passing is a great
blow to his colleagues on the Board, where intimacy of
association added love to the respect entertained for him.

Example 3
It was my good fortune to meet John Doe a few years
ago. My contacts with him were frequent. He radiated
from his personality a charm and sweetness. As we go
through this busy life, each striving selfishly to survive,
becoming callous to the sufferings of our fellows, it is
remarkable and unique to meet a personality like that of
John Doe. I know that the impress he left upon me was
a durable one. I found him to be one of nature’s own children and he will be missed by people too numerous to count.
The Community is deeply saddened to hear of the death and
feels the loss of the Reverend Father Donald Dolan, the
great servant of the Lord in the church life of our community.
He was the distinguished friend of all the community,
regardless of race, or creed, whom he valiantly
supported in their difficult times. They are grateful to
him and devoutly bless his memory.

Ezample 4
The officers, Executive Board, and members of the
Community Center sorrowfully announce the death of
our president, John Doe, who for many years devoted
himself unselfishly to the interests of the Center. His
friendly and kindly spirit will be greatly missed by all
of us who had the privilege of serving with him. Because
of his interest in humanitarian endeavors, his loss will be
deeply felt by a great many.

Example 5
The officers of The Welfare Fund wish to express
their grief over ‘the untimely death of Mrs. Mary Roe,
who served as chairman of our Executive Board. She
gave unstintingly of herself as a leader of women and
devoted her life to the cause of philanthropy. The example
of her courage will remain as a source of continued
inspiration to all of us. To her family and loved ones we extend our deepest sympathy.

Use these as a starting point replacing the names and circumstances as needed. I hope the need for these examples is few and far between, but when the situation arises, you will be prepared.

By Tommy Hindman, Knoxville TN Attorney-At-Law

The Art of the Toast of Praise (Or, Tommy Hindman Tells You How To Make A Speech At The Last Minute)

Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney on The Art of The Last Minute Speech

From time to time, you may be called upon to make a speech on short notice that praises a friend, acquaintance, co-worker or even a near stranger. No one in the business world should be at a loss for words in this situation. Here are some approaches to such a toast below. Some of them may sound a little formal, but you can easily adapt these to suit your personal style:

1. Your deeds speak for you far better than any words I can say. You have devoted yourself to numerous humanitarian causes. And your involvement in these activities is so extensive it seemsĀ  one lifetime could not hold enough hours to encompass them all. Yet, you have found the time and energy to serve, to work hard and to lead, shouldering the burden with ever present good humor and grace.

2. Your many activities have brought you richly deserved recognition in the past.

3. You combineĀ  hard work with dynamic action. You have the reputation of being honest and ethical. Your knowledge of the people you have worked with and their faith in you has helped to restore public confidence in their fellow man (or name of company if applicable). (Organization) is extremely grateful to you for the service you have preformed.

4. I am so sorry from a selfish standpoint to see Ms. Jane Doe leave our organization (or retire, whatever the case may be). I have depended on him/her to such a great extent that I will miss them deeply.

Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney