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Tommy Hindman-Five Tips for A Wedding Toast

Tommy Hindman On Giving A Wedding Toast

Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN
Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN

Hi, I’m Tommy Hindman Knoxville, TN Attorney. We often find ourselves at wedding and my be called upon or feel the desire to toast the bride, groom, or both. Here are five things to remember when toasting at a wedding:

1. It’s Not About You. This is a special day for the bride and groom. They have been planning months, maybe years for this day so keep it all about the Bride and Groom.  Talk about the bride’s beauty, the groom’s handsomeness, how they met, how right they are for each other-anything but that “great story  about that time” in which its 90% you and the Bride and Groom barely figure in.

2. Don’t Embarrass Anybody. Don’t embarrass the person you are toasting-this is true for almost any occasion and is  especially  true for weddings.  You might have grown up with the bride and groom and partied like rock stars in college. But a wedding reception is no place to recount the time all of you got hammered and ended up naked in a hot tub at a house you broke into. See #1 above and also remember the guests (think Grandma) may not think your story is all that funny.

3. The 70-30 Rule. Yes, it’s OK to use adjectives to describe the bride, groom or both. But in between the wonderfuls, beautifuls, and the I’m so happuy for you’s weave in a story or two. Try for 70% adjectives and 30% storytelling.

4. Wait For The Best Man. I am so surprised when I come across people that do not know this next piece of advice. When at a wedding wait until the best man has given a toast!!!!! It is the best man’s honor and duty to give the first toast. DO NOT be a douchebag and steal the spotlight. That’s why the groom chose the guy as his best man. If you do not follow this rule you will risk being cold shouldered by the bride. And if you think you don’t see enough of your bud now, violating this rule will get you banned from the bride’s (and by extension your buddy’s) social circle.

5. Don’t Get Drunk. I’ll say it again. Don’t Get Drunk. See rule #1. Sure one drink at the open bar to help calm down is fine, but pounding five shots and trying to make a heartfelt speech without blubbering along is a different matter. And if you need to get that hammered to speak in public maybe you should just lay off the hooch and leave the public speaking to others. You were invited to the wedding for a reason and your presence is enough.  Ignore this rule and people will be talking about you for weeks to come. And not in a good way.

If you keep these five rules in mind you’ll be the the wedding guest the bride and groom will remember. For all the right reasons.

-Tommy Hindman Knoxville, TN Attorney