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Tommy Hindman on Introducing a speaker

Tommy Hindman on Stage Fright

Tommy Hindman on Coping With Stage Fright

Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN
Tommy Hindman Attorney in Knoxville, TN

Hi-I’m Tommy Hindman an Attorney in Knoxville. I often have to speak in front of juries, the press, and formal and informal gatherings. Many of you out there (as hard as you try to avoid it) will be asked to say a few words at a gathering such as a lunch, wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or business meeting. This brings up a huge amount of anxiety for many people. Here are some tips to keep your cool and keep stage fright at bay:

The better prepared you are, the more relaxed you will become. Practice your speech by putting each main point on a three by five index card. This will accomplish a couple of things-first this will keep you from reading your speech word for word with your head buried in the podium. Second, it will allow you to make eye contact with the audience and make them (along with yourself) feel more at ease.

Once you have the main points on your index cards, practice your speech about four of five times standing up. Then, record your self (preferably on video) and look for rough spots. To some, this might be terrifying but trust me-it helps immensely. Look for places where you pause too long or use “uh” or “umm” too much (here is a great article on reducing the number of “Ummms” in your speech)


Once you have the rhythm of the speech down, close your eyes and visualize yourself giving the speech. Visualize yourself giving the speech effortlessly, the audience laughing at your jokes, and you getting a nice round of applause.

What If?

Many of the anxieties associated with stage fright and public speaking come from thinking “What if?” What if I make a mistake? What if I forget what I’m saying and so on. Well, guess what? Even if you do make a mistake or forget what you’re saying you’re the only one who is going to know. If you lose your place or your train of thought just take a deep breath and pick up where you left off.

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