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Tommy Hindman-Hints on Nominations

Tommy Hindman on Nominating Speeches

Attorney Tommy Hindman

Hello, I’m Tommy Hindman an Attorney in Knoxville, TN. If you are a member of a fraternal organization or active in your city government, church, or synagogue. you may find the need to say a few words to nominate someone in the organization or community to a position on a board, council or governing body. Here are some examples to get you started:

1. Everybody knows who I will be nominating for the office eon president. I know this person more intimately than I know some of my family members and would rather spend more time with him than some of my family. I have worked with this person in many capacities over the years and I can tell you that I have never met a more ethical, caring, wise and savvy human being. As you know I have been an assistant to this person for a very long time and I have an intimate knowledge of what this person can and will do for our organization. All of you have privately and publicly acknowledged what this person has done for our fine organization, so I do not need to go any furher. Ladies and gentleman, I nominate for president (insert name here).

2. I am not a good speaker. Even if I was, I do not think I could find the words to describe the unique abilities and qualifications of the person I wish to nominate for (insert position here). Their qualifications speak for themselves. Their services and contributions to this organization are well known and common knowledge. No one has given as much when called to duty as this person and they have truly made the welfare of this organization their own. It is my unique pleasure to nominate (insert name here) for the office of (insert office here)

3. In the spirit of brevity, I move that all incumbent office holders be nominated for reelection, to the positions they now occupy, and I move they be elected by a voice vote to hold their positions for another year.

 -Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney