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Tommy Hindman on Introducing a speaker

Tommy Hindman on The Art of Introducing The Speaker

Tommy Hindman on The Art of Introducing The Speaker

Introducing a speaker
Tommy Hindman on Introducing a Speaker

From time to time you may be asked to introduce a speaker at a function such as a banquet, awards dinner, seminar or other business occasion. Here’s how to do it with grace and style-pick from any of the suggestions below (don’t forget to insert the correct name and title) print it out and you’re ready to go.

1.He is a man of knowledge, learning and skill. His profound knowledge and experience has won him wide spread recognition in the field of (insert profession here). Like many persons of accomplishment, he/she is humble and unaffected. Ladies and gentlemen (insert name here).

2. We are aware that many people who attain high positions continually grow in stature. From the very beginning, the career of our next speaker has been one of continuous growth and accomplishment. It is my please to introduce (person’s name and title).

3. Through his/her intellectual force and and the depth of his/her understanding she has done much to explain the (insert profession here) scene to a wide audience. He/She has a knack for engaging an audience and I’m sure you will be put under his spell. Please welcome…

4. He/She has demonstrated his/her warm hearted humanity and deep concern for for the welfare of the less fortunate by unceasing service and devotion to many charitable causes. Please welcome…

With these short introductions under your belt, you’ll never be at a loss for words. Commit them to memory, print them out, or copy them to your smart phone and you’ll be ready to introduce anybody at any place or time-be it an impromptu toast, a formal function, a business dinner, family get together or bachelor party.

For a few more tips on introducing a speaker click here.

-Tommy Hindman Knoxville, TN Attorney.

The Art of the Toast of Praise (Or, Tommy Hindman Tells You How To Make A Speech At The Last Minute)

Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney on The Art of The Last Minute Speech

From time to time, you may be called upon to make a speech on short notice that praises a friend, acquaintance, co-worker or even a near stranger. No one in the business world should be at a loss for words in this situation. Here are some approaches to such a toast below. Some of them may sound a little formal, but you can easily adapt these to suit your personal style:

1. Your deeds speak for you far better than any words I can say. You have devoted yourself to numerous humanitarian causes. And your involvement in these activities is so extensive it seemsĀ  one lifetime could not hold enough hours to encompass them all. Yet, you have found the time and energy to serve, to work hard and to lead, shouldering the burden with ever present good humor and grace.

2. Your many activities have brought you richly deserved recognition in the past.

3. You combineĀ  hard work with dynamic action. You have the reputation of being honest and ethical. Your knowledge of the people you have worked with and their faith in you has helped to restore public confidence in their fellow man (or name of company if applicable). (Organization) is extremely grateful to you for the service you have preformed.

4. I am so sorry from a selfish standpoint to see Ms. Jane Doe leave our organization (or retire, whatever the case may be). I have depended on him/her to such a great extent that I will miss them deeply.

Tommy Hindman Knoxville TN Attorney